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Top 5 dark horses for the 2024 European Cup

Five dark horses for the 2024 European Cup:

1. Switzerland

The Swiss team has been a dark horse in recent tournaments! Except for missing out on the 2012 European Championship, Switzerland has qualified for all European Championships and World Cup finals since the 2004 European Championship. This is an incredible record. Especially in the 2020 European Championship, they made it to the quarterfinals, creating the best European Championship record in team history.

2. Denmark

The Danish national team has always performed well in the European Cup and the World Cup, especially the historic victory in the European Cup in 1992 is unforgettable. As time goes by, Danish football has been strengthened, and now the national team has many strong players, such as Christen Eriksen, Kasper Schmeichel, etc. The Danish team has strong offensive strength and performs well in group attack and fast attack.

3. Poland

The Polish team performed well in the European Cup qualifiers and advanced to the finals as the first in the group, which is enough to prove their strength and form. The team has a group of outstanding players, the most eye-catching of which is the world-class striker Lewandowski. As the absolute core of the Polish team, Lewandowski's performance will directly determine the team's performance in the game. His outstanding performance not only brought victory to the team, but also won the love and respect of the fans.

4. Türkiye

The Turkish national team has had some impressive performances in past European Championships. Their most successful run was in 2008, when they reached the semi-finals and ultimately finished third. Although Turkey has been inconsistent in past European Championships, they are still a team full of potential. If they can overcome their defensive issues and perform well in offense, they are expected to do well in this European Championship.

5. Austria

In the 2024 European Cup, Austria has become a team that has attracted much attention. Although Austria's performance was mediocre in the past and it was absent from the World Cup for a long time, in recent years, this once veteran team has gradually recovered and regained its glory. In the 2023 European qualifiers, Austria performed well and advanced to the European Cup, showing strong competitiveness and outstanding performance. In this year's friendly match, Austria defeated Turkey 6:1. Therefore, Austria is expected to become another dark horse and bring surprises in the 2024 European Cup.

In this European Cup, who can play the role of the dark horse and give the strong teams a little shock? Let's wait and see score808pro full live stream.

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6 PSIS Semarang
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7 Persis
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8 Persija
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6 Phoenix Suns
49 33
7 New Orleans Pelicans
49 33
8 Los Angeles Lakers
47 35
9 Sacramento Kings
46 36
10 Golden State Warriors
46 36
11 Houston Rockets
41 41
12 Utah Jazz
31 51
13 Memphis Grizzlies
27 55
14 San Antonio Spurs
22 60
15 Portland Trail Blazers
21 61