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Spain coach: We will submit an application to UEFA to see if we can tie up Kroos.

Spain's head coach Luis del la Fuente attended the pre-match press conference ahead of the game against Germany, expressing full confidence in the upcoming challenge.

Del la Fuente emphasized the importance of the match, stating, "This is almost like a final," and acknowledged the balanced strengths of both sides, saying, "From a football perspective, both teams are evenly matched."

Regarding the strategy for the early stages of the match, Del la Fuente said, "Germany always starts strongly, but we will try to confront them in the same way. The best defense is to attack in the same manner."

Discussing the possibility of a penalty shootout, Del la Fuente confirmed readiness, stating, "We have practiced everything, including penalties, free kicks, corner kicks... We are prepared for it, you have to practice everything, including penalties."

On whether Dani Olmo would start, he maintained suspense, saying, "I won't reveal the starting lineup as usual, but Dani is ready."

Despite Spain's poor historical record against the host team in away games, Del la Fuente remained optimistic, saying, "In such high-level tournaments, home advantage isn't significant. We have many experienced players who won't be intimidated by a hostile atmosphere."

When asked about the decisive factors in the match, Del la Fuente answered, "I believe a team's strength lies in doing their own job well. We cannot expect Germany to make mistakes, although we will try to limit their advantages."

He praised Toni Kroos, a key figure in the German squad, saying, "I consider Kroos a superstar, an exceptional player whose talent, level, and charisma will always be remembered in football. He instills confidence in his team."

Assessing the German team, Del la Fuente mentioned, "Germany is outstanding because they have a very solid and balanced overall team, but they also have individuals like Musiala, Wirtz, Kimmich who excel... They are opponents at the level of a Euro or World Cup final, but we also have a very strong team."

Finally, Del la Fuente conveyed a message to his players, saying, "We are players, we play football. This is a very important match, but we are prepared for such games. I will try to downplay the drama of this match."

As for how to handle Kroos' threat, he humorously remarked, "We initially planned to tie up Kroos, but I don't know if UEFA will agree. We will try to make it difficult for him to gain possession and limit their attacking choices. I reiterate, we will apply to UEFA and see if we can tie him up."

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